The cocktail ring: an ideal choice to celebrate yourself

Since the early 20th century, womenand all jewelry loverstend to celebrate milestones like new jobs, diplomas, a new house or more emotional achievements with a beautiful ring. An item to be worn daily on the right hand, to remind yourself of what you’ve accomplished by yourself.

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The right-hand ring, also called a “dress” or “cocktail” ring, originates in the 1920s. America was under Prohibition, a law which dictated that alcohol was not allowed to be bought or consumed in open society. The right-hand symbolism comes from flappers — women who rebelled against the system and drank alcohol anyway, hence the “cocktail” ring. The flappers did what they wanted: they wore shorter dresses, went to work and enjoyed speakeasies where they smoked and drank right alongside men. Since most people were right-handed, cocktail rings were easier to show off on that hand. The right-hand ring became a symbol of the power of independent, working women. 

Elizabeth Taylor Cocktail ring
The tradition became truly popular when actresses like Elizabeth Taylor and Natalie Wood began wearing large rings on their right hands. It is never a bad idea to invest in something that makes you happy — or to buy a potential heirloom — making a cocktail ring an ideal choice to complement your jewelry box!

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